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The Greater Pittsburgh MG Club serves southwestern Pennsylvana.  
Our members have a variety of vehicles -- MG TCs, TDs, TFs, Midgets,
MGS and MGB series, and the odd Morris Minor and Mini.  We also
have some Triumph owners, who are affiliated with the Western
Pennsylvania Triumph Association, and have joined in order to take
part in some of our activities.  Both clubs are closely involved with each
other's calendars to try and get the most joint tours during the driving

We also have a couple of tech sessions, usually at one of our members
garages where we stand around and talk, do maintenance, or try to fix
someone's car.  Finally, during the non-driving season, we meet once a
month to eat and chat.

Please feel free to view all of our public pages to get an idea of what
our club is about.

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